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Frequently Asked Questions relating to Adelaide Photographer Sarah Petrusma's services as a portrait and wedding photographer through the company Little Car Photography.

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you LGBT friendly?

YES! Love is love. xx


Do you support any charities?

Yes, I currently make a regular monthly donation to UNHCR, an Australian charity that raises funds to support the UN Refugee Agency. I also make regular donations to Greenpeace Australia, a charity dedicated to exposing threats to the environment and finding solutions. As well as promoting open, informed debate about society's environmental choices.


How far do you travel for weddings?

I love travelling for weddings! That's why all weddings within the Adelaide CBD, Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale and Victor Harbour etc incur no additional travel fee, that's free travel to and from your wedding (but not during event coverage), from the Adelaide Hills through to Victor Harbour. I'm willing to travel almost anywhere in Australia though, please check out my destination wedding photography page for more information.


How many weddings have you shot?

In the last 5 years I have photographed over 200+ weddings and counting. :)


How many wedding bookings do you take per year?

To offer the best possible experience and quality of work for my clients, I am now offering limited wedding bookings of up to 45 wedding packages and up to 25 elopement packages per year. Starting 2019 I will be closing off certain weeks for bookings to ensure I'm well rested and creatively inspired at all times.


Do you do portrait sessions?

Yes! I love to take lifestyle couple and family portraits with a very natural and candid feel that is true to your wonderful, movement filled lives.


How many portrait bookings do you take per year?

I take no more than 20 portrait bookings per year, so that I have the time to deliver beautiful and lovingly crafted memories.


How much is your booking fee?

I charge a flat rate booking fee for all of my photography packages. A $990 booking fee is required for all wedding bookings, and a $350 booking fee is required for all portrait and elopement bookings (of 2 hours or less).


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! If you'd prefer, you can split payments into up to 12 separate payments towards your wedding photography package via bank transfer. After each payment you will be emailed a receipt of payment and update.


Can I make additional payments in the lead up to the wedding?

Yes! If you decided not to go for the payment plan, but wanted to make payments in a few lump sums in the lead up to your wedding I am happy for you to do so. Please be sure to notify me of this via email so I can keep an eye out for your payment and send you a receipt.


Do you have a quality of work guarantee?

Yes! As part of your digital contract, I offer a quality of work guarantee. You can read more about it in my Terms & Conditions.


What happens if we have poor weather conditions on our wedding day?

I have photographed in almost any Australian weather condition you can think of, from 45 degree heat waves to icy 2 degree days of fog, flood and storms. Of course, I have photographed many, many perfect days too! No matter the weather conditions, I know we can capture some beautiful photos. I'd be happy to chat with you about any of your particular concerns. xx


What happens if we have poor weather conditions on our scheduled portrait photography day?

I am always happy to reschedule your portrait photography session (given 24-48 hours notice) if the weather is looking particularly bad, such as an unbearable heatwave or pouring rain. We'll simply find another day that suits us both in terms of availability. If your portrait session cannot be reschedule, we will do what we can to find alternative options during your session. You can read more about your options in my terms and conditions. :)


Do you photoshop?

Whilst I don't believe in or include excessive photoshop with my packages (because we are all beautiful as we are), if you're bruised from a bucks night, have an unfortunate pimple or random photo bombers lurk in the background, I'll happily remove these temporary & unwelcome additions for you from most portraits (where possible) in photoshop. Please be sure to let me know though, as I love natural photography I won't make any alterations to your photos unless you request it. My photos come as standard as a true record and reputation of your day. If you want me to retouch your hair, skin, figure, eyes, teeth etc, or request extensive photoshopping this is charged out at an additional fee, from $22 per photo.


How do you edit / process your photos?

I'm glad you asked! I've written a blog post that shows you some before & after examples as well as a brief description of how I choose to process my photos. You can read the post here.


What equipment do you use?

I use a variety of cameras! I shoot with Canon 5D's (mark III & IV) along with a range of L-series lenses including the amazing 50mm 1.2. If shooting film I'll be using my Mamiya RB67 or Mamiya NC1000S, most likely with Kodak Portra film. I also have a couple of pro flashes, but prefer to use natural & ambient light where possible. Flashes come out later for reception fun or to add a little fill. Or some backlighting magic indoors.


Do you have a Winter discount?

Yes, all wedding & outdoor portrait packages booked to take place in the Winter months of June, July & August in South Australia receive a 5% discount.


Do you have a week day discount?

Yes, all wedding & outdoor portrait packages booked to take place on Monday - Thursday receive between a 5-10% discount.


How do I book?

To book me, simply give me a call or send me an email to check if I’m available on your date. If so, we can arrange a time to catch up face-to-face (if you like), so we can get to know each other a little better. To lock me in and secure your booking and price a non-refundable booking fee is required, and submission of your digital contract agreeing to my Terms & Conditions. This locks me in for your date and ensures that no one else can book in your day! If you do not submit you digital contract and/or pay your booking fee, then your booking will not be confirmed and I may become unavailable for your date.


How early should I book?

I start booking out the warmer months an average of 8 -18 months in advance, but if you love my work and we get along great it's best to book as early as you can. (To avoid the disappointment of missing out). Want to know more? I've written a whole blog on how early you should book your wedding photographer! :)


How early can I book?

You can start booking dates for 4+ hours coverage up to 18 months in advance. Please note that I don't start taking bookings for packages 3 hours or less on a weekend date any more than 3 months in advance.


I'm worried I've left it too late to book now, do you take last minute bookings?

Of course! There's no harm in enquiring last minute. Some dates slip under the radar, and late Autumn, Winter or early Spring weddings are also more likely to have last minute availability. I generally don't take bookings for weddings with less than 2 weeks notice, just because it can leave things quite tight to get all of our schedules etc together.


Do you work public holidays?

Yes, but not always. :) I'm happy to work most public holidays, however some years I put this time aside for my family and friends. Please note that New Years Eve (31/12), New Years Day (01/01), Australia Day (26/01), the Easter long weekend, Anzac Day (25/04), Christmas Eve (24/12), and Boxing Day (25/12) incur a 10-20% holiday fee (dependent on booking location and times etc), and Christmas day (25/12) incurs a 50% holiday fee. This extra fee often covers gifts or fancy lunches to thank my family and/or friends for missing out on precious time with me. ;)


What payment methods do you accept?

You can make your payments online via credit card, visa card or bank deposit/transfer. Paypal, cash or bank cheque are also accepted, but not preferred.


Can I split my wedding photography package in half? Eg. have a break between the ceremony and reception?

Sorry, packages cannot be split into 2. However, if you need photography coverage to span a couple of days we can arrange a discount for 2 or more package bookings.


What isn't included as standard with your photography packages?

My photography is all about natural moments and authenticity. Please note that "Hollywood style editing" is not included as standard with your package. I will not excessively smooth skin, enlarge eyes/lips, change skin tone, remove wrinkles, liquify or adjust body shape unless alternate arrangements are made for an additional fee. (From $22 per photo).


I've found a cheaper photographer, do you price match?

Sorry, no I don't price match. Photography as an art is too subjective, and unlike many other options, this is my full time business. My prices have been very carefully selected to cover all costs involved in running a professional & legitimate business, to deliver the highest quality photos with enough time & love, and to support myself and my little family.


How long will it take to receive my photos back?

I want to get your photos back to you in as timely a manner as possible, but also understand how important it is to do things properly. I provide a sneak peek of your photos within a 1 week or so of your shoot. If you're happy for me to share them on my blog, this includes a little highlight video (for weddings) and roughly 50-70 photos. If you prefer that your photos remain private, I will email you a few of my favourite photos as I edit the rest. The remainder of your photos will be edited within 4-9 weeks, with printing of products taking an additional average of 2-6 weeks.

Want all of your photos back super fast? Just ask me how! You can request a rush job for an additional fee.


Can I print my own photos?

Yes! All of my current packages include ownership of your photos, which means you can print as many photos and products as you like with your preferred local printer.


Can I have a copy of the RAW files?

Sorry, no I do not give out copies of my RAW files. For me the editing process is a vitally important step in delivering a finished product that reflects the true artistic intent of the photo. You will receive the highest quality jpg outputs of the beautifully finished image files instead. If you like, you can purchase additional copies of your photos in TIFF format within 12 months of your wedding for $110, which covers the additional delivery fee and hard-drive. After 12 months it may not be possible to receive TIFF copies of your files, as I only archive the JPG files. However, these JPG files are of incredibly high quality and can be printed quite large. (The largest I have printed so far was 2 metres wide).


Can I share my photos on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites?

Yes! You can share your photos with friends and family online via email and/or social media. Every package includes a copy of your photos at "web resolution", which is optimised for fast uploading and viewing on the web. I do request that you avoid using filters though please. :)


How long do you keep a copy of our photos?

I will keep a backed-up copy of your photos for a minimum of 12 months following your shoot date. After this time there is no guarantee that I will have a copy of all of your photos (should you loose yours). Though I do try to keep an archive of all photos on local hard-drives, please make sure you keep a backup copy of your photos somewhere safe. You can share copies of your photos with family and friends, they also make great backups!


What happens if Sarah Petrusma is sick or injured and cannot photograph my wedding or event?

Little Car Photography has a list of carefully selected back-up/associate & second photographers. If Sarah isn't able to attend your wedding or event, as much notice as possible will be provided along with every effort to supply a substitute photographer. In some cases Sarah will still accompany the back-up photographer, so they can support her in legwork allowing her to rest a little more on the day, whilst still capturing some of those gorgeous photos. Sarah will still edit all of your photos, and be involved in all other aspects of your photography process where possible. You can read more about this in my terms & conditions.


Is your business Insured?

Yes, Little Car Photography is a professional, registered and insured business.


Why do I need to pay a booking fee?

The booking fee paid protects both you and the photographer. You will have your shoot date and package price confirmed in writing, and the photographer will have a guarantee that the booking will be honoured. Your booking fee will cover the standard running costs that would otherwise cause the business to run at a loss in the event of a cancellation. Photographers may turn down several other clients to keep your date free after booking, with no booking fee a cancelled booking would result in a more than sustainable loss of income.


When is the final payment due?

Your final payment is due 5 business days (1 week) before your photo shoot, payments in cash on the day are not allowed for safety reasons.


I need to change my wedding date, what happens to my deposit?

If you need to change your wedding date for any reason, you can transfer your shoot to any other available date given 8 months notice minimum. If providing less than 8 months notice you will loose between 50% and 100% of your booking fee to accommodate the changes. Please note, that for every additional year that your shoot is postponed, the package selected will increase in price by 5%. Packages cannot be postponed more than 2 years.


I need to cancel my wedding or photo shoot, what happens to my deposit?

If you need to cancel your booking and don't intend to reschedule, your booking fee is forfeit. In the event that Little Car Photography is able to secure a new booking on the cancelled date, you may receive up to 50% of your booking fee back. If you've made any additional instalment payments towards your package, these will be refunded to you within 2 months (though generally much sooner).


I've decided that I want to change my photography package, can I do this?

Yes! When booking a package, the booking fee paid secures the price of your package. Prices are subject to change, however you can change or update your package at any time before your photo shoot date. Noting that prices may be different to when you first booked. You can even add additional hours on your weddings day if needed most times.


Who Owns the photos?

If booking a current package, then you do! And you can use, print and share your photos any time, as many times as you like. Little Car Photography maintains a licence to use the photos for promotional purposes online & in print, (unless you request that the photos not be used for promotional purposes in writing via letter or email). For more information, please see my terms & conditions


Where did the name Little Car Photography come from? :)

I'm glad you asked! This business is named after my beautiful old little fiat bambino (which has sadly moved on). It wasn't just a car. Tiny, quirky & a little weird, it always made people on the street stop, smile, laugh & wave. It made people happy and took me on adventures to so many wonderful places. It's an honour for my business to be named after something so quirky that it could make people happy just at a glance. The new business car is no longer as little, but it is full of just as much character. A bright yellow Jeep Wrangler able to tackle the toughest of locations. Your wedding is on an isolated country hill in the middle of nowhere? No problem. Betty will make the journey.


Didn't answer your question? Why not read my terms & conditions or get in touch and I can help you directly.