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Wedding Photography Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for all of Little Car Photography's Shoots.

Terms & Conditions

These standard Terms & Conditions apply to all orders and bookings made through Little Car Photography. This company accepts no liability for the content of this website, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing.

Booking Fee & Quotes

All quotes from Little Car Photography are valid for up to 5 business days (as specified in your personal contract) following the date of email transmission or phone call. A non-refundable booking fee must be made to secure your booking date, time & price. This booking fee is $1,000 for shoots which are longer than 2 hours (generally weddings), and $350 for shoots which are 2 hours or shorter (generally portraits or elopements). Your shoot date will be held for up to 1 week (as specified in your personal contract) after booking, in order for you to make your booking fee payment. If the booking fee is not received in full before the end of the specified period, then your date, time & price will not be secured. Upon payment of the booking fee, (& signing of your digital contract) Little Car Photography reserves the time and date agreed upon, for this reason booking fees are non-refundable in their entirety, for any reason.

If you are booking with less than 4 weeks notice, than your package price will be due in full either within 5 business days of booking or 10 business days before your shoot, whichever is sooner.

Prices not secured with a booking fee are subject to rise at any time with no notice.

Additional custom orders (reprints, enlargements, albums) must be paid in full at the time of order.  If additional hours are worked at the request of the client, photos & products will not be delivered until payment for those products/services are received in full.

Bookings & Cancellations

Bookings for shoots which are 3.5 hours or shorter, (such as portrait and elopement packages) cannot be booked for weekend dates more than 3 months in advance. All other bookings can be made up to 18 months in advance.

If for any reason you need to change your wedding date or time, your fix-priced package is transferable to another available date at the same fixed price provided minimum 8 months notice is supplied. If less than 8 months notice is supplied, only 50% of your booking fee will be carried across to your new date. If less than 6 months notice is supplied, your booking fee will be forfeit. Your new date will be subject to availability, Little Car Photography does not guarantee availability should you choose to change your booking date/time.

You may also change your package at any time before your wedding (to a package no shorter than 4 hours if your booking was made more than 3 months in advance), however the prices may vary from those advertised at the time of booking. Little Car Photography cannot guarantee availability where the event date is changed.

If you need to postpone your wedding by more than 1 year from the originally selected date then the photography price will increase by 5% for each year that the shoot is postponed. Bookings cannot be postponed by more than 2 years.

By signing a contract and paying your booking fee, both you & Little Car Photography enter into an agreement to honour your booking date and time. If you choose to cancel your booking, and don't intend to reschedule then your booking fee is forfeited. The client is aware that the photographer is blocking off the particular date and time in question therefore turning away any other potential work on that date/time; as such no full refund is permitted.

If providing less than 8 weeks notice that you need to cancel your photography booking you may be eligible to pay up to 35% of your full session fee. Or, if providing less than 48 hours notice that you need to cancel your photography booking you may be eligible to pay up to 50% of your full session fee. This is to cover any additional preparation work, engagement session and/or travel arrangements that may have been made by the photographer. If payment has not been made you will be sent an itemised invoice to be paid within 8 weeks of cancellation, if payment has been made you will receive any eligible refund within 8 weeks of cancellation.

If you have taken advantage of a discounted engagement session included with your package, and you need to cancel your wedding photography booking this is generally covered by your deposit. In some cases (see 48 hour and 8 week cancellation policy above) you may be eligible to pay a small additional fee to cover the forfeited discount.


The client agrees to pay the supplier the amount agreed upon in writing (either via email or on paper). The number of hours included in the package, along with any digital files and products provided will be detailed in writing and invoice. Additional hours spent or products supplied at the request of the client will incur additional fees.

The client is aware that travel fees will be invoiced by the photographer to the client for any distance travelled as part of the event which is greater than 100km from the Adelaide CBD. Changing the event location after booking does not make you exempt from this fee.

Discounted engagement shoots must be used within 18 months of booking your wedding. Engagement shoots cannot be used separately on the day of your wedding.

RAW files will remain the property of the photographer, and are not included as part of any package. This is to ensure consistency of brand and style, and the integrity of the finished photo in its intended artistic form.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers may be purchased as dollar amounts or as a full portrait/wedding photography sessions. The voucher will be valid for 12 months to make your booking, and 14 months to redeem your voucher. (For example, you may book your session with 12 months to take place 14 months after initial purchase). Expired vouchers can not be redeemed. Vouchers can not be exchanged for cash value. All standard terms and conditions apply to bookings made using gift vouchers. Vouchers presented as dollar amounts can be put towards existing wedding/portrait bookings, and/or used towards prints and albums.

Timing & Late Policy: Portrait & Engagement Sessions

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your booking, your scheduled session end time will still remain the same. For example, if you book a shoot from 6pm - 7pm, but do not arrive until 6:30pm your shoot will still be scheduled to finish at 7pm. Shoot times are often scheduled around the light, so it is advisable to ensure that you are on time to make the most of your booking. If you are late and request the photographer to extend your photography coverage at the advertised fee the photographer will make attempts to accommodate, however this may not be possible due to loss of light and/or other bookings. Additional hours of photography coverage are charged at an half hourly rate of $165/half-hour.

If you miss your booking entirely, or provide less than 24 hours notice of your need to reschedule then you will be charged a $220 rescheduling fee. If you fail to attend your session twice, your session fee will be forfeited.


Your wedding photography coverage is based on an hourly rate, with set start and finish times that will be pre-agreed upon via email. Every wedding day is unique with different running times, and your photographer will be there during the agreed upon hours to capture whatever is happening during those times. If you are running late with anything (makeup, cars, meals etc), the photographer will still be working and capturing memories during these times. If by the end of your photography coverage the day is still running behind, you have the option of requesting that your photographer stay for additional hours at the pre-nominated half hourly rate of $165/hour. Or to leave at the original agreed upon end time, which will result in no additional cost but the potential of missing an important event such as the first dance. Your photographer will stay up to 15 minutes late before requesting the clients permission to stay, and/or advising them that their coverage has finished.

Your photographer is willing to help you with your schedule, and to advise on timings that will be less likely to cause overtime.

Travel & Parking/Accommodation Fees

Little Car Photography offers free travel to and from your wedding (but not during) within 100km of the Adelaide CBD and within 50km of the Adelaide CBD for portrait/engagement sessions. This means that if your wedding is taking place in the Barossa Valley or Victor Harbour (for example), I will travel to and from your wedding at no additional cost.

If you require additional travel time during your wedding/session coverage, this incurs a separate and cheaper hourly fee. The first 30 minutes of travel between locations during your session (eg. between different ceremony and reception venues) is included with most packages. If additional travel is required, this is charged in 30 minute blocks for $25/half-hour. Little Car Photography offers this separate, cheaper travel rate to ensure a package that is as fair as possible, as no editing or preparation work is required for this driving/travel time. During these travel blocks, no photographs will be taken.

Parking costs of up to $40 are included as part of your package price. If parking expenses exceed this, you may be charged for the additional cost only. Little Car Photography staff will not park illegally and only where permission is given.

If travel greater than 100km from the Adelaide CBD for weddings, or 50km from the Adelaide CBD for portraits is required than an additional fee will be charged. This fee will be agreed on before the booking is made and will cover travel costs including but not limited to; plane trip, fuel, hire car, accommodation costs etc. If special travel arrangements have been made and you need to postpone or cancel your wedding then the cancellation fee for any travel plans/bookings made will be charged or taken from the original booking fee where applicable.

Final Payment

Payment must be received in full before your shoot, if paying by PayPal, visa, credit card or Bank Deposit payment must be made 5 business days before your shoot. Cash or bank cheque on the day of the shoot are not allowed for safety reasons. (Personal cheques are not accepted for final payment within 21 business days of the shoot.) If payment is not received before the shoot the photographer will use their discretion as to whether they will still cover the event. However, no images, sneak-peeks or products will be supplied until payment has cleared in full.

Quality of Work Guarantee

The overall quality of work is guaranteed to match the portfolio displayed on this website subject to shooting conditions, use these as a gauge for quality and artistic style before booking your shoot. Shooting conditions such as venue, styling, weather, time of day, make-up/hair/tan and season can affect the look of your images. However, the Little Car Photography blog provides a wide variety of weddings, seasons, venues, light and weather conditions to allow you to make your decision about suitability and quality of work.

Photos provided are at the highest quality file size delivered from the camera, but may be cropped resulting in slightly lower resolution. For images in CMYK, tiff files and/or resampled images for printing at larger sizes please contact the photographer with the names of the photographs you would like. There may be an additional delivery fee for larger file sizes and/or tiff files. If the photographer agrees that the work provided to you is at a consistently lower standard than the work presented on this website, where there were no negative external forces involved (including but not limited to poor weather, location choice, uncooperative subjects etc) they will use their discretion as to whether a refund (partial or in full) will be supplied. In the event the Supplier fails to perform, the Supplier‘s liability is limited solely to the return of all payments received from the Client under this Agreement. If an alternate style of editing is requested the client may be required to pay a re-edit fee. All photos will be edited in accordance with the style presented on this website as standard.


In the event of adverse weather conditions (including but not limited to heavy rain, hail, strong windows, thunder storms, fire, floods or more), it is up to the photographer’s discretion if bad weather persists to determine whether alternative, sheltered and safe locations to shoot should be found and/or to wait for more favourable conditions in a safe location. This is to protect not only the photographers equipment, but also those involved with the shoot. The photographer is not responsible for poor weather conditions and fewer shots as a result of this. Weather & time of day will also play a role in the look of your photos, due to changes in lighting conditions.

Weather Policy - Engagement & Portrait Sessions

In the event of adverse weather conditions (including but not limited to heavy rain, hail, strong windows, thunder storms, bush fire, floods or more), the photographer may contact the client to advise rescheduling the session. If the client has been contacted and advised to reschedule due to the photographer’s concerns about weather, and the client still proceeds with the session and the session is impeded by weather (such as but not limited to rain), limiting the time and or photos that are able to be taken, the client will be charged for an additional session at the photographer’s hourly rate to reschedule or shoot additional photos if requested. Due to the need to adequately protect photography equipment as well as the health and safety of all participants, it is up to the photographer’s discretion if bad weather persists to cancel the session, during the session.

If the client has been contacted and advised to reschedule due to the photographer’s concerns about weather, and the client decides to go ahead and reschedule, the client will not be charged to do so. We will then arrange another suitable time where both photographer & client are available.


The client is responsible for bringing any props that they would like in their photos. In the event that the client has forgotten a prop for the session and wants photos with that prop, the client will be charged for an additional session at the photographer’s hourly rate to reschedule or shoot additional photos.


In the event that the client would like additional photos due to appearance out of the photographer’s control (hair, makeup, etc.) in the previous session, the client will be charged for an additional session at the photographer’s hourly rate to reschedule or shoot additional photos.

Referred work

Occasionally couples will ask me to recommend other wedding suppliers and/or photographers to capture their wedding memories when I am unavailable. I am happy to do so, but please note that any wedding supplier and/or photographer booked separately of Little Car Photography (even if referred by Little Car Photography) will not be affiliated with Little Car Photography. Therefore Little Car Photography will not be responsible or liable for any booking that is made with another wedding supplier/photographer, even on recommendation. Please meet with & read through any other supplier/photographers work, policies, T&Cs, image processing & delivery processes to be certain you are happy before booking with them.

Photographer Substitution

If Sarah Petrusma is unable to attend your photo shoot/wedding/event due to injury, illness or family emergency etc she will make all reasonable efforts to find a suitable replacement to photograph the shoot. Back-up photographers are carefully selected, with both technical and creative skills. Your photographs will still be protected by Little Car Photography's quality of work guarantee. Photographs will also still be processed/edited and delivered by Sarah Petrusma where possible. Couples have the option of receiving a full refund in place of a replacement photographer if they so choose. But must give notice of their intent to cancel the shoot within 10 business days of notification of Sarah Petrusma's inability to attend the shoot. If in the unlikely event that a suitable replacement cannot be found, all payments will be returned to you in full.

If Sarah is unable to give 10 business days notice, she will provide as much notice as possible. If you go ahead with Sarah's replacement photographer for your event (even with less than 10 business days notice), you cannot decide to cancel your booking after the event has begun/concluded.

Delivery of Photos & Products

Please allow 4-10 weeks processing time for all photos, plus 2-6 weeks print time for photo books & print products. If your photos/products are being posted, Little Car Photography is not responsible for any postage times or delays. If the Client requires expedited delivery, they will be responsible for any additional express postage fees. During particularly busy periods and/or holidays delivery time may be delayed slightly.

In rare circumstances including but not limited to illness, unusually busy periods, family emergency, natural disaster etc the delivery time of your photos may be extended up to 12 weeks maximum.

Use of Images

You own the photographs shot during your shoot & can print as many as you like. Photos provided as part of a wedding, engagement and/or portrait session are intended for personal use, if using these photos for any marketing or publicity purposes it is requested that credit be given to Little Car Photography.

Little Car Photography retains a licence to print and use the photos for promotional purposes, both online & in print. If you would not like all or some of your photos published online or in print you must let the photographer know which photos specifically via email or written letter. Where the client gives notice in writing that they would prefer their photos not be used for publicity purposes, Little Car Photography will respect this request.

Your photos will not be used in any derogatory way, nor will they be provided to or sold for additional financial gain to any third parties without the written consent of the clients.

Your Online Gallery & Prints

Through your online gallery you, your friends and your family can access, view, download photos and order any print products (including additional copies of your USB with all photos). Your gallery is password protected so that you can choose who has access to your photos and the ability to purchase prints and products. By sharing your gallery, download pin and password with guests, friends, family or any other third party you give Little Car Photography permission to share your photos, as well as process and deliver their print orders.

Terms for Use of Website & Affiliate Pages

Little Car Photography expects all visitors to their website and all interactions via social media and/or email to remain professional and polite.


The photographer will always work to produce the best images according to their capabilities and surrounds. The Supplier and any of their agents or third party associates will not be liable in the unlikely event that a problem arises, whether due to traffic, accident, human error, loss of materials, acts of god, equipment, location, weather, uncooperative partners or family members or other failures.  The Supplier is not responsible for loss of, or interference with, the photography due to restrictions on the location, including but not limited to, interference from surrounding devices, access limitations, flash restrictions, weather and the like. The client understands the unpredictable and non-posed nature of photojournalism & natural photography styles (assumption of risk) and waives any right to any civil action due to missed or lost photographs (including but not limited to unintentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence).  In the event the Supplier fails to perform for any other reason, the Supplier‘s liability is limited solely to the return of all payments received from the Client under this Agreement.

Please note, that the photographer is not responsible for any uncooperative family members, guests or friends etc. Whilst all reasonable effort is made to capture friendly & happy photographs, the photographer is not responsible for "forcing" subjects to smile, enjoy or pose for shots where they are unhappy to do so.

Permission to Photograph

It is the sole responsibility of the client to secure permission of the venue of the wedding or portrait shoot for the Supplier to photograph the ceremony/event. The supplier will abide by the rules of the venue in regards to camera placement and use of flash at the ceremony/celebration. Many cities, State Agencies and private venues/businesses are charging a photography permit fee. The client is responsible for the payment of such fee. If the client fails to pay for any such permit fee, the client is responsible for any and all related costs or fines applicable.