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Lucy & Tom's Barn1890 Wedding

Lucy and Tom had a wedding as natural, bright and fresh as the two of them at the gorgeous Barn1890. A lovely and relaxed day full of stand up canapés, neutral colour tones and smiles all around. The band was super cool, providing a fun ambiance, and the intimate ceremony encouraged warm hearts and happy tears to flow. All in all, it was a perfect day!

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Arden & Jess' Chilled Wedding at Barn1890

Arden and Jess had a very chilled wedding at the relaxed and rustic wedding venue of Barn1890 (which yes, I most definitely loved working at 2 weekends in a row. xx) From start to finish, the day was casual, relaxed and a lot of fun! There were no seating plans, no rigid schedules, people could sit where they wanted, do what they wanted. We went in with the plan that there may be a dance, or there might not be. Maybe a speech, and maybe not. So even when the beautiful words of a speech and the fun and loving moments of the first dance did in fact happen, it was just because the moment was right for it. The day was just relaxed, fun and authentic in every meaningful way it should have been. <3

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Teomi & Steven's Adelaide Hills Couple Portraits

Teomi and Steven are used to spending time apart due to work commitments, so during their precious time together whilst both in Adelaide, we decided to capture some memories for them! And it was an absolute hoot. We trekked on an adventure to the Adelaide Hills to capture some natural and fun couple’s portraits in unique and gorgeous settings. First stop was an instagram hot spot, a beautiful old train tunnel surrounded by warm Autumn colours and rustic trees.

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Selena & Michael's Wedding at Red Poles, McLaren Vale

Selena and Michael had a relaxed and intimate wedding with a rustic and vintage feel at one of my favourite wedding venues in SA. Red poles is a carefree and artistic venue in the heart of the McLaren Vale with so many beautiful portrait options surrounding. From beautiful vineyards to the picturesque barn and warm bushland. The perfect setting for Selena and Michael’s wedding.

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Pip & Chris' Wedding in Adelaide City during the Fringe

Pip & Chris had a very cool wedding in the heart of the Adelaide CBD during a very celebratory and gorgeous time, the Fringe Festival. With their ceremony and reception at the Adelaide Museum, and a little journey to explore a buzzing city and the Garden of Unearthly delights for some unique portraits. The whole day was very relaxed. A massive party with lots of food, drink and a raging dance floor. Pops of bright colour, plenty of smiles, and most importantly, a gorgeous wedding ceremony allowing two best friends to marry each other.

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How to Download your Photos

A USB is included with most of my photography packages, however, you can also download your photos directly from your gallery! Why is this so awesome? Because you don’t have to wait for your gallery to arrive in the post AND your friends and family can also download copies for themselves. Neat huh?

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Anastasia's Creative Entrepreneur Portraits in Adelaide

Starting your own business is always an exciting endeavour, especially when’s it’s something you’re creatively passionate about. As a professional writer, Anastasia has recently taken that exciting leap to work as a self employed creative writer. Taking portraits is a good opportunity to not just create friendly and natural portraits for the website, but also to portray her friendly personality. Congrats and best of luck on your journey Anastasia! xx

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Jess & Jaiden's Colourful and Quirky Adelaide Wedding

Jess and Jaiden's wedding couldn't be described as anything other than completely and tastefully whimsical. A beautiful blend of colours, flower crowns and movies that complimented the creative energy of an Adelaide celebrating the Fringe festival and magical theatre. I loved every unique thing about this wedding, and every personal touch which made the whole day feel as warm, welcoming and fun as Jess & Jaiden’s kind and open hearted personalities. There’s so much more I could say about this day, but I’ll let the photos do the talking for me. :)

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Alli & Will's Intimate Beach Huts Wedding in Middleton

Alli and Will had a beautifully intimate wedding at the unique and quaintly quirky (in a very pretty way) Beach Huts of Middleton. The entire day was relaxed and small but full of large smiles and so much laughter, fun and artistic moments. We enjoyed taking creative and natural portraits in the beautiful setting, complete with an impressive somersault over a quaint little fence.

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