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Do I Need a Professional Photographer for My Wedding?

Do you need professional photographer for your wedding? As a professional wedding photographer of course I’m going to say, yes!! :) But why?

Quality Wedding Photos

Quality Memories

This is the most obvious reason to book a professional & experienced photographer. They are an artist that will see your wedding in unique and beautiful ways, and capture your story with both technical skill and experience. You won’t have to worry about blurry, dark or wonky photos, and they will all be lovingly catalogued (no prowling through hundreds of identical photos), as well as processed/edited to bring out the best of the beautiful colours and tones. You won’t even have to spend many frustrating hours trying to design an album, your wedding photographer can use their experience to make capturing and presenting your memories easy and gorgeous.

Let Yourself & Your Guests Live in the Moment

I’m all for living in the moment, being in the moment, and loving the moment. If you don’t have a professional photographer you’re asking one or several of your guests to step out of the moment and focus on capturing it instead. You may have friends or family members who would be happy to do this for you, but if you can afford a wedding photographer, you can give every single one of your guests the gift of enjoying and being in the moment of your wedding without obligation.

In 10+ Years, What Else Will be Left?

Your wedding photos will last generations, they will capture the temporary and unique beauty of every little detail that you carefully choose for your wedding. Your dress will stay locked away, brought out for your daughters dress ups but rarely touched. The cake will be gobbled up. The flowers will die. The table settings will fade from memory. But the photos will last, hang proudly on your wall, your parents wall and tell the story of your memories. I truly believe it is worth every cent to invest in capturing these memories in a beautiful way.