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What do you do during wedding preparation photos?

I love love love to take wedding preparation photos! But how do you know what to do when your photographer arrives to take your preparation photos? Should you be dressed or not? Is it candid or posed? Do you need them? What are they? Let's talk about it. xx

Guys in particular are often quick to say that they don’t need or want preparation photos, but often I’m told afterwards that they regret not getting them done. It doesn’t need to be staged, awkward or uncomfortable, in fact, I prefer to take preparation photos that are candid, natural and relaxed.

Getting used to your new shadow

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The way I like to work is natural and organic, to seamlessly fit into your day and capture real moments and memories. It can take a few minutes for most people to get used to having their photographer around (even after practice with an engagement session), which is one reason I love to hang out with my couples for a little bit before their ceremony. You’ll get used to me being around in no time, and at times I hope you don’t even notice I’m there at all!

The little details and choices

You’ve most likely spent hours, days or even weeks choosing all the little details for your wedding. The hair piece, the cuff links, the colours, ties, shoes, flowers, every little thing. I love to capture these little details, I’ll take some stylised shots, but also love to capture the mood of the place that you’re in. The toys strewn across the floor from your little one, the empty champagne bottle beside your grandma’s pearl earrings, the video game that’s been entertaining your groomsmen or the special little letter from your partner.

Then, capturing all these little details as they come together is magical! The dress going on, the shoes being laced, the tie being tied, the earrings and necklace being delicately placed. Your dad crying and giving you a big hug, seeing his little girl all dressed up. Your mum proudly straightening your wonky vest and giving you a big kiss on the cheek. Your guys all chuffed at how dapper they look, your girls swooning over how beautiful you all are. This. Yes! It’s magical.

The candid and natural moments

I also love to capture the moments you share with your closest people, the ones you’ve chosen to help you get ready and support you throughout the day. Whether it’s having a drink, a laugh, a hug, a cry, giving gifts or playing games. The anticipation and nerves may start to hit you now, and these guys will be there for you. It’s a beautiful moment for me as a photographer to take a little step back and capture.

What the guys should do to be ready

Before I arrive to take photos of the guys you can already have your shirts and pants on (I won’t photograph you undressing, don’t worry!) However, it would be great if you could wait and leave all of your other little details until after I’ve arrived, such as your shoes, ties or bow ties, flowers/button holes, cuff links etc etc. I like to photograph the little details that you’ve picked out, and then capture the final moment as everything comes together. If you have the rings, I love to get shots of those too!

What the girls should do to be ready

If we don’t have a lot of time your bridesmaids can already be in their dresses and ready to go, but I love for the bride to wait so I can capture classy photos of her getting into her dress. If you all have matching dressing gowns though this can be super cute to get a photo of. I also love to take photos of you getting your hair and makeup done (if we have time). Just like the guys, if you can wait to have all your final little details come together after I’ve arrived we can capture some magical moments.

Final Words

This can be one of my favourite parts of the day (though I say that about every part of a wedding!) You don’t need to stress or worry about what will happen after I arrive, I’ll let you know what to do if I need to. For the most part you can relax with your special people, slowly bring all your bits and pieces together, and we’ll also just chat and keep things relaxed. Let yourself get nervous and excited, this anticipation is amazing! Within only a short few hours or even minutes you’ll be perfectly dressed and ready to meet at your wedding ceremony. Where you’ll become a gorgeous newly married couple.