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Night Photography Portraits - A Brief Adventure in Adelaide

Photographers need one very important thing to create a photograph, light. Without light we have nothing. When the sun disappears for the day it takes away my favourite thing, it's gorgeous glowing light. Leaving behind it a world of contrast; of highlights and shadows. Last night I ventured out for a few brief minutes to explore this world with my camera and my bestie. Here are the results. xx

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Diner en Blanc - a 30th Birthday Party in Melbourne

As I'm sure my friends & family will attest, I get so wrapped up in finishing my "work photos" that I can take twice as long (or longer...) to get personal & family photos done. But, after slowly whittling away at these, I'm so happy to have had time this long weekend to finish my boyfriends' sisters thirtieth birthday party! How perfectly timed was it that her birthday (almost) fell on the Diner en Blanc in Melbourne, a very cool (& kind of hip) big, posh picnic.

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The Flinders Ranges 2013 Part 2: Magic Hour Portraits

This blog post follows on from my previous post "The Flinders 2013 Part 1", but stands alone as a post on one of my all time favourite things! Magic Hour. You may have heard several photographers talk about Magic Hour, and not been quite so sure what they were talking about. What particular hour of the day is magic? Why is it magic?

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