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Señor Fluffy - The Ancient Birman

Meet Señor Fluffy, the ancient Birman, in human years he would be well over 100! Like any ancient creature, he is stubborn, strong willed, a little bit grumpy, but has a heart of gold. So, on a cold and sleepy Sunday I decided to take some precious memories of my adopted kitty Señor, who won't be with us for very much longer. With arthritis plaguing his tiny body you'll either find him snuggling into your lap, head-butting a heater (I love you heater!) or sitting in the sun on the window sill. (When he has the energy to jump up there, or he asks us not so politely to lift him up to the ledge). He is one of the most beautiful cats you'll meet inside and out. He once accidentally killed a mouse and cried over its body for an hour, he lets birds frolic right in front of him, he greets guests at the door, and stands guard on my bed when I'm sick to nip at any intruders. His heart is as golden as the orange highlights on his coat and as bright as his big blue eyes.


Señor's Last Day

Barely 6 weeks after this photo shoot we shared our very last day with Señor. I always imagined that our last day together would be something special (and many months off). He'd get to eat his favourite food (salty ham), we'd have cuddles on the couch, and he'd go so slowly that neither one of us would notice. I guess life isn't always as romantic as we'd hope, it wasn't like I thought it would be. He couldn't eat, and he was zoned out on pain killers. He just stared at the sun dancing through the leaves onto our soft bedroom curtains.


The memories are what make the pain worthwhile. xx