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The Role of the Photographer on Your Wedding Day

When you think of a wedding photographer, the image most people get is - just a photographer who photographs weddings right? But through my experience photographing weddings I have found that a wedding photographer needs to be much more than that! And is invaluable on your wedding day, not only to capture every little detail beautifully but also to offer their experience from all the other weddings they've worked on to help your day run smoothly.

A People Person

As a Wedding Photographer I find one of the most important skills to have, almost as important as skills with the camera is the ability to relate to people. You need to get along with your wedding photographer as often you will spend the whole day with them. They need to be able to relate to people, know how to get a smile or a laugh from any age, and be empathetic enough to understand when a "special moment" is about to happen. They need to be confident enough to direct both small and large groups of people, whilst remaining friendly and polite to keep everyone in a good mood.

Experience & Knowledge


Wedding are full of so much energy, everyone's nervous, excited and so happy! There are so many small elements that are finally coming together for this one day. I always help out in any way I can on a wedding shoot, I know how to zip up difficult dresses, how to pin a corsage, how to help someone climb through a small window when the wedding rings have been locked inside... I always have a cool head, because I know no matter what goes wrong there is a solution and you will still make it to the alter. As long as you can stay relaxed and shrug off any little problems that might pop up, you'll have an awesome day!


Your wedding photographer needs to be organised. When I meet couples to talk about their wedding I make sure I get all of the information I need, and am always happy to help them with their scheduling for the day. We talk through the times for every step of the day, how long we need at each location and set flexible goals for the day. This means that on your wedding day I can help you to keep on top of your schedule, I know what's coming up and when we should think about moving on. This leaves you free from worry, to just relax and enjoy your day.

The Eye for Photography

This is the reason photographers are hired, their skill behind a camera. It's not just a tool, its like another limb that they instinctively know how to work. But knowing the technical side isn't enough, they know about light - where it looks good and where it doesn't. They know how a location will translate through the lens, and they know the best angles to give creative and beautiful images. They know what to make sharp, what to make soft and how to achieve it.

A Lover of Details

It's the little things that come together to tell the story & emotion of your day. You may have spent hours deciding on the flowers, jewellery, shoes, food - all the little bits & pieces. Not only that, but it's the in-between moments, the unplanned, the cheeky hugs, a touch of the hand, a little glance. When I'm shooting a wedding I'll be looking for all the beautiful little things that make you, you! That quietly tell the story of your special day.

A Digital Dark Room Whiz

Every photographer is different and has different process. I work as well as I can to get my photos right in camera, but I personally find that it is still very important to do a full and proper "digital dark room" edit of every photo that I shoot. I always photograph in RAW format, which preserves far more information than any other digital format. It gives me full control of the final output of all my images, and makes sure that I can bring out the very best of every photo. I also love to compile the story of your day into a quality photo album, believing that the presentation and first impact of the photos should be beautiful and flow. This optional album comes along with a USB containing every single photo. I also make sure that couples don't have to wait a long time to receive their photos back, making sure I have them all edited within 4-8 weeks and the book back from the printer in another 2-6 weeks.

I hope you found this post useful and informative, as always I'm here to help with any questions you may have about your wedding day and photography needs. For more information on my wedding photography please click here, or contact me.

Back soon! :)