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Taking on the Camera and Winning

I'm going to take the opportunity in this blog post to get a little bit personal. Just like many of my clients I often find it very difficult to be in front of the camera getting my photo taken. So many of us are soooo self conscious, we fret about our little faults that often only we can see. And when we fret, it shows through in our photos. With a vicious cycle this makes us more self conscious, which makes us look weirder and weirder until finally you become a photographer so you'll never need to be in front of the camera again! Haha! I joke.

Seriously though, I want to take a little moment to say... stop hating on yourself. You are gorgeous, I'm sure of it! There are so many little things about you that your friends, family and lover adore! Your personality, your laugh, the way you scrunch your nose when you're thinking. To prove it, I took the plunge into a little photo session with my amazing bestie Maite. I decided I would not worry about my weird chin or the gap between my teeth, or whether I looked bloated or frumpy. I just breathed in my awesome surroundings, met a seal frolicking in the shallows, splashed in the shallows myself and for the most part, let myself relax and be happy in front of the camera (& behind too!) Here are some of the life & happiness filled photos! If I can relax in front of the camera, you can too, I'll help! ;)

Photos by me & the amazing Maite Petrement!