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The Flinders 2013 Part 3: Sunny Landscape Photography

This is the final post of my 3-part series on my recent road trip to the Flinders Ranges. In my previous post The Flinders Part 2, I talked about the best times of day to shoot using beautiful, natural light. And I said that the worst type of light for photography can be found on a bright sunny day; when the sun is high and bright and the sky is blue and free from clouds. And that's exactly the lighting we had on our final day.

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The Flinders Ranges 2013 Part 2: Magic Hour Portraits

This blog post follows on from my previous post "The Flinders 2013 Part 1", but stands alone as a post on one of my all time favourite things! Magic Hour. You may have heard several photographers talk about Magic Hour, and not been quite so sure what they were talking about. What particular hour of the day is magic? Why is it magic?

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