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A Bali Adventure: 2015

Working for yourself has it's freedoms, but also it's random drawbacks of really weird working hours. My bestie (a super cool bike & walking trail building wonder with Trailscapes) is self employed too. Mid June we realised that for the first time (probably ever!) we both had some down time at the same time. What else to do but book in a whirlwind, spontaneous tropical holiday to escape the cold for a week. By some strange miracle, the Indonesian ash cloud decided to stay away for our entire Bali trip, and with barely a delay we were on the plane and on our way!

I had my favourite camera (the Canon 6D) and my favourite lens (the 50mm 1.2) with me. My photography plan for the trip? To only shoot when I wanted to, even if that was not at all. The trip ended up not only being a wonderful and restful break for my body, but for my soul as well! These photos are far from your regular holiday snaps. We explored an abandoned building full of graffiti art, splashed in the pool (without any waterproof gear, eek!), held drinking glasses in front of my lens to play with creative blur and we dabbled with some in camera double exposures. I hope you enjoy browsing these photos as much as I enjoyed creating them! xx