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Antonia & Luke's Beautiful Winter Evening Wedding

Antonia and Luke had an intimate and casual wedding at the beautiful Seppeltsfield Winery in the Barossa Valley. An engagement party turned surprise wedding! With guests arriving by bus just as the sun was setting to a warmly lit after dark Winter evening wedding. Long tables full of delicious food, gently burning candles and fires, loving family and friends all in the one place. It was a beautiful night!

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Ben & Kelly's Adelaide Winter Wedding at Ayers House

Who doesn't love a gorgeous Winter wedding? Especially when that beautiful, low Winter sun is gleaming in-between short showers, and we get to hang out in Stranger Things -esque after dark lighting. Ben & Kelly had a gorgeous Winter Wedding at the classic Ayers House, and it was such a pleasure to be a part of. As always, Ayers House was classically decorated in contemporary ways, loads of gorgeous green plants, a red carpet and that gorgeous glass ceiling. Transformed perfectly into a party space after all the formalities were done. Ben and I used to work together, so it was extra special for me to see him tie the knot with his long term partner.

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Tara & Jamie's Fun & Gorgeous Star Wars Themed Wedding

Tara & Jamie had a beautiful little wedding and a lot of fun with a Star Wars theme elegantly integrated into their day. We started with an engagement session before the wedding day, so on the day itself they could just focus on the moments, memories, family, friends and fun. With delicious canapés plentiful, inflatable Star Wars characters, their lovely MC Tiffany dressed as Princess Leia, and endless smiles.

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Kathryn & Ben's Tasmanian Wedding

I had such a great time travelling to Tasmanian to capture my cousin Kathryn and her husband Ben’s wedding. They took advantage of not one, but two churches for their wedding day. Getting married in the beautiful building of Hobart Baptist Church, and hosting their reception in the Citywide Baptist Church, a converted bowling alley and a great large space. Which they, their friends and family spent hours lovingly decorating with rustic and natural touches. Taking portraits at sunset in the beautiful Seven Mile Beach reserve was just the gorgeous icing on the cake. Let me tell you, Tassie has some amazing sunsets and beautiful scenery.

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Millie & Michael's Adelaide Wedding

You don’t have to travel far from the heart of Adelaide to have a gorgeous wedding, as Millie & Michael proved by hosting their wedding right in the centre of it. Taking advantage of one of the many beautiful churches in the city of churches, taking portraits at the elegant Botanic Gardens, the footbridge where Michael proposed, and even the streets after dark. Then dancing and celebrating the night away in the grand Adelaide Town Hall. The entire day was beautiful & fancy, and so was the happy couple!

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Ali & John's Toowoomba QLD Wedding

Ali and John had a gorgeous wedding in Toowoomba, QLD at Gabbinbar Homestead. And I was thrilled to travel from Adelaide to such a stunning part of the world to capture it. The homestead was lush and green and covered in beautiful festoon and fairy lights. With gardens, a rustic barn and school house being some of the locations many highlights. From start to finish the day was relaxed and full of smiles, dancing in the morning and dancing in the evening. It was a beautiful day, and I was blessed to be a part of it.

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Sarah & Nick's McLaren Vale, Adelaide Wedding

Sarah & Nick had a gorgeous Adelaide wedding, starting by the beach, marrying at a classic church near the CBD and celebrating at a reception in the beautiful McLaren Vale at Penny’s Hill. A beautiful journey from sea to vines, with plenty of love along the way (and quite a cool mode of transport, the vintage black taxi cabs). Thank you so much for having me along guys, your wedding was stunning!

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Ness & Craig's Ekhidna Wines Wedding in McLaren Vale

Ness and Craig had a romantically rustic wedding with an Australiana feel, so what better location to choose for their wedding than Ekhidna Wines in McLaren Vale? An area of South Australia that I find myself constantly coming back to for it’s gorgeous sprawling landscapes and warm atmosphere. Their ceremony was a huge part of their day, surrounded by all of their friends and family (along with mountains of confetti of course!) The beautiful vibes from that special moment flowing into an evening of celebrations and dancing.

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Lucy & Tom's Barn1890 Wedding

Lucy and Tom had a wedding as natural, bright and fresh as the two of them at the gorgeous Barn1890. A lovely and relaxed day full of stand up canapés, neutral colour tones and smiles all around. The band was super cool, providing a fun ambiance, and the intimate ceremony encouraged warm hearts and happy tears to flow. All in all, it was a perfect day!

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Arden & Jess' Chilled Wedding at Barn1890

Arden and Jess had a very chilled wedding at the relaxed and rustic wedding venue of Barn1890 (which yes, I most definitely loved working at 2 weekends in a row. xx) From start to finish, the day was casual, relaxed and a lot of fun! There were no seating plans, no rigid schedules, people could sit where they wanted, do what they wanted. We went in with the plan that there may be a dance, or there might not be. Maybe a speech, and maybe not. So even when the beautiful words of a speech and the fun and loving moments of the first dance did in fact happen, it was just because the moment was right for it. The day was just relaxed, fun and authentic in every meaningful way it should have been. <3

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