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A Christmas Message on Being Photographed, and Loving Yourself

I don’t normally write personal/inspirational posts on this blog. (But maybe that should change?) Taking photographs for a living is an interesting thing to do, especially in the wedding industry which can often be vain and have a focus on the details rather than the meaning. Most of my clients and I are on the same page though. Marriage and weddings are beautiful, because of the true meaning behind the celebration; the love and the promise. When I take photographs, I want to capture the meaning, the emotion, the love, the personality, the natural and the real moments shared between people who love each other.

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My little adventure to the Yorke Peninsula

I truly cherish breaks when I get them, especially when they're with my super hardworking partner! This week just gone we were so lucky to be able to stay at the Hillock's Ocean Pod, right at the bottom of the Yorke Peninsula foot. With absolutely no phone or internet reception, just a relaxing break on a stunning rugged coastline surrounded by barely fields and scrub. I spent most of my time relaxing, and not too much photographing. But the photos I did take I am absolutely in love with. (What a stunning backdrop!) Most of our time was spent, walking, hiking, rock climbing, swimming and wave watching. Along with a lot of good food and drink! Here's a tiny peek at some of our beautiful holiday. xx

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