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A Christmas Message on Being Photographed, and Loving Yourself

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A Christmas Message on Being Photographed, and Loving Yourself

I don’t normally write personal/inspirational posts on this blog. (But maybe that should change?) Taking photographs for a living is an interesting thing to do, especially in the wedding industry which can often be vain and have a focus on the details rather than the meaning. Most of my clients and I are on the same page though. Marriage and weddings are beautiful, because of the true meaning behind the celebration; the love and the promise. When I take photographs, I want to capture the meaning, the emotion, the love, the personality, the natural and the real moments shared between people who love each other.

What I am aware of though… is that photography is a visual medium. It captures not our souls, but our bodies, our faces, our expression. I’m as guilty of the next person of being shocked at what I see when I look at a photograph of myself. Sometimes it’s a positive shock, man, I look hot in that photo. Often, it’s a negative shock. Oh god! Am I really that wide? Is my chin really that saggy? And my heart breaks every single time i hear that from others. Every time I’m asked to photoshop a dress size off or two. Or when I hear clients who I see as beautiful criticise their physical appearance so harshly. Even as I understand the struggle on a personal level.

Us humans have a talent for attaching meaning to things that don’t deserve it. We determine our success by our work. We determine our worth by our appearance. But work does not define success. And physical appearance does not determine our worth. When I look at people, my clients, I see their personality. I see their joy, their sorrow. I see memories in their eyes, spirit in their stance, character in their smile, love in their body language. Physical expressions of a soul inside. I use photography to try and capture that. The things I see in you that your friends, family and lover all cherish. So that they can look back on those pictures of you and say. Yes. That’s him. That’s her. That’s the person I love. (They don’t say, that’s the body I love. That would be a little bit weird, wouldn’t it?)

I guess what this long winded post is trying to say is this. When I look at all of you, photograph you, capture your physical appearance. I aim to capture the love, joy, character, and soul that you portray through your expression, action, laughter, hugs, kisses and life. This Christmas. As we take many a family photo, cherish many a memory, even as we marry and celebrate love and life. Try to look at yourself and see what we all see. See the smile. See the love. See the soul. So many people love you, and it’s not because of your body. ;)

Merry Christmas everyone!! xx