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Michelle & Richard's Adelaide Zoo Wedding in the Rain

Adelaide Zoo Wedding in the Rain.jpg

Michelle & Richard's Adelaide Zoo Wedding in the Rain

Whether you believe rain on a wedding day symbolises good luck, fertility (many babies), a cleansing of the souls as they become one, or all of the above. There is no doubt in my mind that Michelle and Richard’s wedding at the Adelaide Zoo was full of all the good things. Even with the rain and the sound of thunder gently rumbling in the distance, there were smiles or tears of joy on faces all round, the beautiful smell of rain, a lovely love story, good food, dancing and so much more. Most of our portraits fit perfectly between showers, and the night barely noticed the weather as the mood was warm and happy.

Congratulations Michelle & Richard! Wishing much happiness, luck, and many more happy rainy days. x


Photography: Sarah - Little Car Photography
Celebrant: Jane McDonald
Venue: The Adelaide Zoo