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Megan & Jonathan's Kuitpo Forest Engagement Session

Megan & Jonathan's Kuitpo Forest Engagement Session

Megan, Jonathan, their gorgeous greyhound Barnsey and I nearly didn’t go ahead with our engagement session plans on Sunday. With a 95% chance of rain, and maybe a thunderstorm, there was a little hesitation as to whether we should brave the elements and potential muddy puddles. But I’m so so glad we did! Despite the ridiculously high chance of rain, I don’t think a single drop touched our heads. Instead, we were blessed with diffused, warm sunshine that glistened off the dewy leaves and pine tree bristles of Kuitpo Forest.

After a fun little stint just inside the forest walls with Barnsey goofily running out of the shots when we wanted him, and then back in when we had resigned to a shot without him, (really he wasn’t that bad. He was a gorgeous, goofy boy!) Jonathan’s parents arrived to mind him with cuddles and test out a flower canon before a couple of couple only portraits.

The flower canon was well worth testing, if only so you know how loud they are! It definitely made sure we were wide awake before we ran across the road to soak up the last light of the day as the sun slowly set.

I can’t wait for your wedding in October guys! xx


Photography: Sarah - Little Car Photography
Location: Kuitpo Forest