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Callum, Eryn & Aylish's Gorgeous Winter Family Session

Winter is well and truly here, with frequent rainy days, icy temperatures and even a few gusts of wind strong enough to bring down trees! (Which legitimately happened in my neighbours yard mere moments before I left for this shoot.) It’s the season to rug up, sip warm mugs off coffee or tea, and cuddle under giant fluffy blankets. Despite the cooler temperatures, occasional showers and windy days it is still a gorgeous time to get photos done. The same gusts of wind that knocked down my neighbours tree cleared the skies of their overcast mask. Revealing beautiful sunshine for our entire session. A Winter sunshine that glows so softly but beautifully.

I don’t call my pre-wedding portraits sessions “engagement sessions”, because I think that is too narrow a definition for your options. Weddings now are so diverse, and so are the people getting married. It’s often not just about the couple, but is about their family as well. Eryn & Callum are getting married a little later this year, but we couldn’t have a pre-wedding session without their gorgeous little daughter Aylish. With all that energy and sweet little face she was a bit of a show stealer! We spent a sunny, Winter’s afternoon photographing some beautiful memories for them in the Botanic gardens. And couldn’t help but put that energy to use for some fun photos involving dinosaurs! I can’t wait to capture some more beautiful memories for this beautiful family at their wedding super soon. xx


Photography: Sarah (Little Car Photography)
Location: Adelaide Botanic Gardens and Park