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Stacey & Bradly's gorgeous bridal portraits with horses at sunset xx

After capturing Stacey & Bradly’s wedding recently, I was very excited to catch up with them and their two horses at their beautiful Two Wells property. It’s easy to see how horses have a representation for being such magnificent and beautiful animals. Blaze and Izzie both fit this magnificent and beautiful description, but on top of that, they had the biggest personalities too!

Blaze pulled so many goofy faces I couldn’t help but laugh and smile as I scrolled through his portraits. And whilst he was incredibly curious and friendly, Izzie was a little more reserved and didn’t mind taking a bit of a back seat. They’re both beautiful souls, and it was lovely to capture their connection with Stacey and Bradly.

Honestly, what more could a photographer ask for? A gorgeous couple, in a glowing grassy field, with two beautiful horses as the warm sun dipped down to create a stunning sunset. Heaven! xx