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Sean's 10 Year Wedding Vowel Renewal Surprise for Tanya

On Good Friday, after 3 years of secret planning, Sean surprised his beautiful wife Tanya with a vowel renewal ceremony & reception on their 10 year wedding anniversary at the Stamford Grand, Glenelg Beach. Along with Tanya's best friend Ciara, Sean spent the three years meticulously bringing together all of the details for Tanya's dream renewal. Something she'd wanted to do for a long while, but that Sean sneakily pretended he had no interest in. I've never seen such a surprised face when she arrived to find not a romantic dinner, but all of her closest family and friends waiting at a wedding aisle.

What a beautiful and wonderful thing for Sean to do! Everyone was so happy, and Tanya wasn't the only one to shed tears of joy and love. Following the perfect little vowel renewal ceremony, Tanya, Sean and their beautiful son Hudson snuck down to the beach with me just as the sun started to go down. We captured some gorgeously natural photos with that bright, orange sun casting long rays of light and shadow. Congratulations Sean on your wonderful surprise for Tanya! And congratulations Tanya on the beautiful celebration of your 10 year wedding anniversary. xx