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A Beautiful Family Photography Session in Balaklava

It's no secret that I think South Australia is absolutely gorgeous, and it's also no secret that I'm happy to drive as far as it takes to find the perfect location. Driving to this special location I actually bogged my car! (Gotta remember it's little, doh!) But was it worth it? I think so. Just outside of Balaklava (if you can dodge the floods and pot holes) is the Rocks Reserve. It's a darling little spot with a real Aussie feel. A gently running creek, rolling hills, cattle, wattle trees and big beautiful gum trees.

What really makes a beautiful location great though are the people that you photograph there. Amber contacted me from America to organise this beautiful family shoot for four generations! Can you believe it? That's great grandma, grandma, mum and daughter all together. That alone is pretty special. And everyone in the family was just so lovely, with big, beautiful and naturally happy smiles. It was wonderful to be able to capture these special memories for them. xx


Photographer: Sarah (Little Car Photography)
Location: Balaklava, South Australia