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My little adventure to the Yorke Peninsula

I truly cherish breaks when I get them, especially when they're with my super hardworking partner! This week just gone we were so lucky to be able to stay at the Hillock's Ocean Pod, right at the bottom of the Yorke Peninsula foot. With absolutely no phone or internet reception, just a relaxing break on a stunning rugged coastline surrounded by barley fields and scrub. I spent most of my time relaxing, and not too much photographing. But the photos I did take I am absolutely in love with. (What a stunning backdrop!)

Most of our time was spent, walking, hiking, swimming and wave watching. Along with a lot of good food and drink! My favourite memories from the trip? The hours we spent hiking our way around the rugged rocky coast. The waves are so turbulant and powerful they're insane to watch! The best place we found was a natural little collection of rock pools hidden amongst one of the rocky outcrops. The pools were perfectly still and clear, save for the beautiful little "waterfalls" of ocean water trickling its way to and from the pools. It felt so tranquil to be at this still pool full of little fish, all the while crashing just mere metres from us on the rocky walls were large and fierce waves. Here's a tiny peek at some of our beautiful holiday. xx