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Tanya & Matt's Gorgeous One Tree Hill Wedding

What a lovely way to finish off my Monday, looking through some favourite photos from Tanya & Matt's gorgeous One Tree Hill wedding at Art Through Da Vince's Eyes. Such a unique venue, a Roman inspired garden hidden away in One Tree Hill. The weather also decided to change things up a bit for us! When the ceremony began we were being bared down upon by 41 degree heat and a very bright sun. No sooner had the ceremony started than a quite rumble in the distance of a thunderstorm brought a cool & welcome relief to the weather. With gorgeous overcast skies and a sudden temperature drop that felt oh so good!

The grounds provided an interesting array of backdrops to choose from. From the Roman inspired pavilion, to a giant chess set, and... I may have gotten a little too excited about a giant cactus I found hiding away down a small side alley. There's something about the quirky and fun look of cactus' and succulents that I just can't resist! This was also the first wedding ever to have a Little Car Photography video package!! (In partnership with the amazing independent film studio Anomaly Media). I really can't wait to share our first video with you soon. For now, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek