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Unique Wedding Flowers Photography Shoot

This is a bit of a different blog post, sharing some beautiful product photography. But not just any product photography, this is sugar art! Yep, all of these flowers are hand crafted and painted using JUST sugar, a little modelling wire and some alcohol. Available to be commissioned for any special occasion, on your wedding cake, birthday cake, anniversary cake - whatever you want! Created by the talented Cal from Callicakes in Gawler, SA (her cakes are absolutely delicious too!)

Hope you enjoy this sneak peak, sorry for the watermark! Apparently photos of sugar flowers are "borrowed" frequently by the competition. Enjoy! 

Wedding Photography of Sugar Art 3 teir Rose Cake.jpg
3 Wedding Photography of Sugar Art butterflies & flowers in rustic milk jugs.jpg
5 Wedding Photography of Sugar Art Butterflies.jpg
6 Wedding Photography of Sugar Art contemporary small bouquet.jpg
7 Wedding Photography of Sugar Art elegant rose bouquet.jpg
8 Wedding Photography of Sugar Art Flower Pot Cake.jpg
10 Wedding Photography of Sugar Art rustic small bouquet.jpg
11 Wedding Photography of Sugar Art funky rose flower bouquet.jpg

This last bouquet is a little different, instead of being crafted with sugar, it's been crafted with cold porcelain. Cold porcelain is more durable than sugar, lasts a long time, and can be used in place of real flowers as your bridal bouquet. A lovely keep sake too!

Wedding Photography of Cold Porcelin Art flower bouquet.jpg

For more information on these beautiful flowers and yummy cakes, visit Callicake's website.