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Womad Adelaide 2014

This was the first time I'd ever been to Womad (much to many of my friends surprise!) All I knew is what people were telling me, that "this is my kind of festival!" But they were also saying that most of the people who went were dirty hippies with no shoes... Rest assured, I may love comfortable pants - and I may like to walk on sand and grass barefoot, but I can't say I fall under the "dirty hippy" category. And neither could the majority of people who attended Womad!

1 Womad Adelaide Festival.jpg
Womad Adelaide Festival Stage Dancing

It ended up being a huge family affair, with lots of families bringing their kids to participate in the many children's activities (kids under 12 are free!) There were some rather eccentrically dressed people, but they were all so friendly. The food was amazing, and the music was really good! Almost every crowd gathered for a music show had groups of people dancing. Best of all, it was laid back - you could just bring a picnic rug, buy your dinner and a bottle of wine and find a comfy spot under a tree to relax while the festival continued around you.

3 Womadelaide excentric.jpg
4 womadelaide wine black and white.jpg
5 womadelaide costume stop sign.jpg
6 womadelaide festival parade cowbell.jpg
7 womadelaide festival parade trumpets.jpg
womadelaide festival parade trumbones
9 womad adelaide festival parade skeletons.jpg
womad festival parade male butterfly
11 womad adelaide festival parade female butterfly.jpg

For those that don't know, Womad stands for "World of Music and Dance" and celebrates the "sounds of the planet". I've shared just a few of my snaps today - finishing off this post the same way we finished the day, with one of my favourite artists, Lior. I hope you enjoyed this small peak at Womad!

12 womadelaide 2014 lior live.jpg
15 womadelaide 2014 lior live.jpg
14 womadelaide 2014 lior live.jpg
womadelaide 2014 lior live