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Wendy & Tony's Surprise Picnic Wedding

SURPRISE! On gloriously sunny Boxing Day Wendy & Tony surprised their family & friends with a fun picnic wedding under the guise of an engagement party. I spent a few moments with Wendy as she prepared for her big day, and everyone was absolutely blown away by how beautiful she looked.

As I arrived at Hazelwood park and made my way across the creek bed to the picnic an excited whisper spread across the crowd. "It's a photographer!", "Oh my gosh, it's actually happening!" The excited whisper quickly became an excited cheer as Tony drove past in his loud & gorgeous wedding car. Some swore they knew all along, others couldn't believe it was happening, but everyone was so thrilled! Their ceremony was beautiful, full of happy tears and wonderful "awwe" moments. This was such a fun wedding! Hope you enjoy this little sneak peak.